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U.K C.B Boa Constrictors

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Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Arguably, the nicest looking from the Rainbow family. The habitat ranges from Peru through to the Guyanan Shield. Through selective breeding we are now seeing incredible high reds and orange animals, even though they are still stunning in there original wild form. Combine the colour and overall looks with an iridescence unmatched and you can see why they are firm favourites amongst reptile keepers. A slender, not too large of a Boa that is great on the eyes. I'm working with high red and orange bloodlines.

Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Epicrates cenchria cenchria

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Care & Info

Peru, Brazil and the Guyanan Shield


Can you see a pattern here with the feeding regime of all my snakes? Long gone are the days of trying to get an animal up to breeding size by 18 months of age (come on, think about it - pure greed that cannot be healthy for the animals). I feed ALL my animals an appropriate size meal only after they have defecated. This way, they have ideal muscle mass and proportionate sized head (pin head is a result from over feeding) and will be sexually mature at anywhere between 3-5 years of age (females).

General care.

They like it moist! I provide my animals with a RUB or plastic shoe box of some sort filled with Sphagnum moss or similar. I provide an opening in the top which allows them easy access to come and go as they please. The rest of the enclosure is is filled with Aspen (or similar) or cardboard. It's always a good idea to give the snakes a dry spot. BRB's will soak quite often so an appropriate sized water bowl is a must. I keep the hot spot at around 88-92 degrees F, and the rest of the enclosure at room temp.


This goes without saying is a major factor in any animal care. Water is changed every 2 days and bowls thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate reptile disinfectant. Waste from the animal is cleaned that day and again thoroughly disinfected with appropriate cleaning solution. Bowls, bedding or any other equipment are not swapped from animal to animal. The health of my animals is my number one priority.