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Boa Constrictor constrictor

Ask any true, knowledgeable Boa fan, the true red tails are quite literally, the Prometheus of all the Boas. They set the standard for every other Boa sub species out there. The true BCc hail from South America (ranging from Suriname, Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru).  Suriname's can exhibit some amazing colours, peaks, patterns and tails. The sheer diversity among the BCc is amazing, there is something for everyone. Every true Boa lovers dream snake and top end specimens have been described as the Holy Grail amongst Boa lovers.  I’m working with a diverse group of Suriname's/Guyanan Shield animals. I plan on selective breeding to make some truly outstanding Boa! Watch this space.

Suriname Red Tails

Boa constrictor constrictor

Care & Info



Boa constrictor constrictor are not common boas (Bci) nor like some pythons. The trick to feeding BCc is to feed not too large an item, and only after they have defecated. Boa constrictor constrictor have a slow digestive system and overfeeding may lead to regurgitation problems, not to mention an overweight snake which could well lead to an early grave. Slow and easy wins the race. Try not to handle the snake for at least 3-4 days after each feed. Boa constrictor constrictor usually become sexually mature at 5 years of age for females and 3 years of age for males.

General care.

I keep my Bcc (all my Boas) in my snake room with a background temperature of 72-78 degrees F.  A hot spot of 90-96 degrees F is provided for each animal.  A cooler spot is essential for BCc. Young animals will appreciate a hide for privacy and this will help prevent stress.  


This goes without saying is a major factor in any animal care. Water is changed every 2 days and bowls thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate reptile disinfectant. Waste from the animal is cleaned that day and again thoroughly disinfected with appropriate cleaning solution. Bowls, bedding or any other equipment are not swapped from animal to animal. The health of my animals is my number one priority.

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